Goverment Rebates and STC’s



Small-scale Technology Certificates are issued for small scale solar photovoltaic systems and other renewable energy systems, including hot water heat pumps. The number of certificates issued depends on the size, location and deeming period of the certificates. The certificates are a trading commodity and are traded on a market; hence fluctuate in value on a daily basis.

As an STCs trader, NQ Solar is able to discount your solar energy upfront for the value of your STCs. This means you save money straight away on the cost of installing solar!

For those interested in selling their STCs to NQ Solar, please contact us for a current price.

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*Current as of 24/09/2019



The Solar Credits Scheme is currently available to residential, rental and commercial properties. The Solar Credits Scheme is the current legislated scheme that gives clients a discount when purchasing a Photovoltaic Grid-Connect Solar System. The discount is based on Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s). STC’s are created when any renewable energy system is installed i.e solar power, heat pump or solar hot water systems. The number of STC’s created depends on the size of the system and the location. The below is an example of how savings are calculated.

A 6.6kW Photovoltaic Grid-connect System installed in North Queensland:

(Total rated power output in kW x postcode zone rating x deeming period x multiplier of 1)

6.6 x 1.382 x 12 x 1 = 109.4544 STC’s.

6.6kW System Discount = (No. STC’s [always round down] x value of STC’s) = 109 STC’s x $30* = $3,270.00

TOTAL DISCOUNT = $3,270 off a 6.6kW Photovoltaic Grid-Connect Solar System

* Assuming STC market value = $30


The Solar Credit Scheme is being phased out slowly. Since January 1st 2017 the STC deeming Period gets reduced by one year, each year. For example for solar systems installed this year (2019) the deeming period is 12 years. In 2020 it will be 11 years. This reduction will continue until December 31st 2030, after which the deeming period will be zero and the subsidy will be terminated.

To give you an idea of the difference – refer back to the example above – a 6.6kW system – in 2020 the calculation will be 6.6 x 1.382 x 11 x 1 = 100 (rounded down)= 100 STCs x $30* = $3,000.00. This equates to about a $270.00 difference between 2019 and 2020.

* Assuming STC market value = $30

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The Solar Bonus Scheme provides a feed-in tariff for electricity generated by solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that is exported into the grid. This means your power bill will be credited with 8c for every kilowatt hour (kWh) that your grid connect system feeds back into the grid above your electricity demand at any time while your PV system is generating power. Any electricity generated by the grid connect system and used in the household will be free of charge.

Changes to the Solar Bonus Scheme:

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has determined a mandatory solar feed-in tariff for customers in regional Queensland for 2019-20.

The feed-in tariff for regional customers in 2019-20 is 7.842 cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh).

This is for customers that do not have the 44 c/kWh feed-in tariff agreement. Those customers will stay on the same feed-in tariff until 2028 as long as they maintain their eligibility.