Swiss Farms – powered by 79kW of Solar

A 79kW solar grid connect system was installed by NQ Solar The Energy Hub on the family owned Swiss Farms, located 3 hours north of Cairns in June. This is one of the largest privately owned systems in Far North Queensland. Swiss Farms demonstrated an impressive commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by installing the 79kW system on their banana plantation in Lakeland.

NQ Solar The Energy Hub installed three hundred and sixteen (316) ET solar panels with four (4) Sunny Tripower inverters. This system will generate between 320 – 400kW of power per day solely for the use of Swiss Farms, as it a “no export system”. An enclosure for the inverters was specifically built by NQ Solar for safety, security and vermin control.

Congratulations to Swiss Farms on avoiding 800kg of CO2 each week, an impressive reduction of their carbon footprint.

NQ Solar is an accredited designer and installer of solar photovoltaic on-grid and off-grid connect systems. We manage the process from the initial enquiry and design through to supply, installation, testing and commissioning. NQ Solar believes in only providing high quality products and workmanship with the vision to exceed its the clients expectations.IMG_0021