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SunPower Performance

SunPower® Performance Panels for Residential Installations deliver premium aesthetics for homeowners, while vastly improving on the quality and reliability of conventional panel offerings.

SunPower Performance Panels wrap front contact cells with 30+ years of SunPower materials and manufacturing expertise. The weakest points of Conventional Panel design are eliminated to deliver superior power, reliability, value and savings.1

High Power

Enhanced active area and monocrystalline cells increase power and savings while designing out fragile ribbons and solder bonds on the cells.

High Performance

Up to 28% more energy in the same space over 25 years.2 Outperforms Conventional Panels in partial shade thanks to unique parallel circuitry. Proprietary bussing design limits power loss, maximizing production during morning and evening shading or soiling.

Premium Aesthetics

SunPower® Performance Panels with their black frame and black backsheets blend harmoniously into your roof and add elegance to your home.

High Reliability

SunPower Performance Panels are the most deployed shingled solar panel in the world. Innovative cell shingling mitigates the leading reliability challenges associated with conventional front contact panels by designing out fragile ribbons and solder bonds on the cells. SunPower stands behind its panels with its industry-leading Complete Confidence Warranty.


SunPower Performance Series Specifications

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Making the conventional, exceptional

Performance panels use an innovative shingled cell design that offers more energy, reliability and savings than traditional front contact panels.

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