• Looking for solar panels that offer the best value for your money without compromising on performance or reliability? Look no further than SunPower Performance 6 panels.

    With efficiency levels of up to 21.1%, SunPower Performance 6 panels are some of the most efficient panels on the market, generating more power per square foot than conventional solar panels. This means you can install fewer panels to meet your energy needs, saving you money on installation costs while maximising energy output.

    But the value of SunPower Performance 6 panels goes beyond efficiency. These panels are engineered to maximise lifetime energy output, with LID-resistant solar cells, a lower temperature coefficient, and front-side conductive wires that support increased current collection. This makes them ideal for residential applications where space is at a premium.

    In addition to enhanced power density, SunPower Performance 6 panels are designed for proven reliability. Their shingled-cell design maximises durability in all types of weather conditions, including reinforced cell connections that withstand daily temperature swings, redundant electrical paths that alleviate the impact of cell cracks, and an advanced electrical architecture that is more resilient to the effects of shade and mitigates hot-spot formation.

    Finally, SunPower Performance 6 panels come with a 25-year warranty, providing you with complete confidence in their ability to deliver more energy and greater reliability over time. With a minimum warranted output of 98% in the first year and maximum annual degradation of just 0.45%, these panels are the best bang for your buck in the solar industry.

    In short, if you're looking for solar panels that offer the best value for your money, SunPower Performance 6 panels are the perfect choice. With their exceptional efficiency, enhanced power density, proven reliability, and comprehensive warranty, these panels are the ultimate combination of performance, value, and peace of mind.