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Fimer acquired ABB's Solar Inverter business in 2019/2020 making them the 4th largest solar inverter supplier in the world.

UNO-DM-3.3/4.0/4.6/5.0-TL-PLUS 3.3 to 5.0 kW


Wireless access to the embedded Web User Interface

Easy commissioning capability

Future-proof with embedded connectivity for smart building and smart grid integration

Dynamic feed-in control (for instance “zero injection”)

Remote Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrade for inverter and components

Modbus TCP/RTU Sunspec compliant

Remote monitoring via Aurora Vision® cloud

Dual input section with independent MPPT

The new UNO-DM-PLUS singlephase inverter family, with power ratings from 3.3 to 5.0 kW, is the optimal solution for residential installations.


One size fits all

The new design wraps ABB’s quality and engineering into a lightweight and compact package thanks to technological choices optimized for installations with different orientation.

All power ratings share the same overall volume, allowing higher performance in a minimum space, and have a dual Maximum Power Point Tracker (2 MPPT).


Easy to install, fast to commission

The presence of plug and play connectors, both on the DC and AC side, as well as the wireless communication, enable a simple, fast and safe installation without the need of opening the front cover of the inverter.

The featured easy commissioning routine removes the need for a long configuration process, resulting in lower installation time and costs. Improved user experience thanks to a build in User Interface (UI), which enables access to features such as advanced inverter configuration settings, dynamic feed-in control and load manager, from any WLAN enabled devices (smartphone, tablet or PC).


Smart capabilities

The embedded logging capabilities and direct transferring of the data to Internet (via Ethernet or WLAN) allow customers to enjoy the whole Aurora


Vision® remote monitoring experience. The advanced communication interfaces (WLAN, Ethernet, RS485) combined with an efficient Modbus (RTU/TCP) communication protocol, Sunspec compliant, allow the inverter to be easily integrated within any smart environment and with third party monitoring and control systems. A complete set of control functions with the embedded efficient algorithm, enabling dynamic control of the feed-in (i.e. zero injection), make the inverter suitable for worldwide applications in compliance with regulatory norms and needs of the utilities. The future-proof and flexible design enables integration with current and future devices for smart building automation.


Access the FIMER full table of technical specifications below


Input side
Absolute maximum DC input voltage (Vmax,abs) 600 V
Start-up DC input voltage (Vstart) 200 V (adj. 120…350 V)
Operating DC input voltage range (Vdcmin…Vdcmax) 0.7 x Vstart…580 V (min 90 V)
Rated DC input voltage (Vdcr 360 V
Rated DC input power (Pdcr) 3500 W 4250 W 4750 W 5150 W
Number of independent MPPT 2
Maximum DC input power for each MPPT (PMPPTmax) 2000 W 3000 W 3000 W 3500 W
DC input voltage range with parallel configuration of MPPT at Pacr 170…530 V 130…530 V 150…530 V 145…530 V
DC power limitation with parallel configuration of MPPT Linear derating from Max to Null [530V≤VMPPT≤580V]
DC power limitation for each MPPT with independent configuration of MPPT at Pacr, max unbalance example 2000 W [200 V≤VMPPT≤530 V]
the other channel:
Pdcr-2000 W
[112 V≤VMPPT≤530 V
3000 W [190 V≤VMPPT≤530 V]
the other channel:
Pdcr-3000 W
[90 V≤VMPPT≤530 V]
3000 W [190 V≤VMPPT≤530 V]
the other channel:
Pdcr-3000 W
[90 V≤VMPPT≤530 V]
3500 W [200 V≤VMPPT≤530 V]
the other channel:
Pdcr-3500 W
[90 V≤VMPPT≤530 V]
Maximum DC input current (Idcmax) / for each MPPT (IMPPTmax) 20.0/10.0 32.0 / 16.0 A 32.0 / 16.0 A 38.0 / 19.0 A
Maximum input short circuit current for each MPPT 12.5 20.0 20.0 22.0
Number of DC input pairs for each MPPT 1
DC connection type 1) Quick Fit PV Connector
Input protection
Reverse polarity protection Yes, from limited current source
Input over voltage protection for each MPPT-varistor Yes
Photovoltaic array isolation control According to local standard
DC switch rating for each MPPT (version with DC switch) 25 A / 600 V
Output side
AC grid connection type Single-phase
Rated AC power (Pacr@cosφ=1 ) 3300 W 4000 W 4600 W 5000 W
Maximum AC output power (Pacmax @cosφ=1) 3300 W 4000 W 4600 W 5000 W
Maximum apparent power (Smax) 3300 VA 4000 VA 4600 VA 5000 VA
Rated AC grid voltage (Vac,r) 230 V
AC voltage range 3) 180…264 V
Maximum AC output current (Iac,max ) 14.5 A 17.2 A 20.0 A 22.0 A
Contributory fault current 16.0 A 19.0 A 22.0 A 24.0 A
Rated output frequency (fr) 4) 50/60 Hz
Output frequency range (fmin…fmax) 4) 47…53/57…63 Hz
Nominal power factor and adjustable range > 0.995, adj. ± 0.1 – 1 (over/under excited)
Total current harmonic distortion < 3.5
AC connection type Female connector from panel
Output protection
Anti-islanding protection According to local standard
Maximum external AC overcurrent protection 20.0 A 25.0 A 25.0 A 32.0 A
Output overvoltage protection – varistor 2 (L – N / L – PE)