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At NQ Solar we have been installing Sunpower Panels with SMA inverters for over a decade.

The current models of Sunpower Panels that we are installing are the 370watt Performance Series and the 400watt Maxeon 3 Module. SunPower® Performance panels combine conventional front contact mono PERC solar cells with 30+ years of SunPower materials and manufacturing expertise to maximize panel performance and reliability in an innovative shingled cell form factor. These panels are designed to blend beautifully into any roof. Backed for 25 years by the industry’s best power, product and service warranty.

The latest release from SMA inverters are SMA Smart Connected. Provided that Wifi is available at your home, once the system is installed we register your system in the SMA Sunny Portal. This allows you to monitor your system output, receive updates via e-mail and if there are any irregularities it is picked up and an alert is sent to you. As NQ Solar is a SMA Power Up Partner our customers enjoy the benefit of a Free +5 year warranty on top of the standard 5 year warranty.

Of course we also offer alternative options to cater for all budgets. Including Risen Solar panels. Risen Energy Co., LTD is a Chinese panel manufacturer that was founded in 1986. They produce tier one solar panels and offer a 25 year performance warranty and a 15 year product warranty for rooftop mounted PV Systems, which is above the industry standard of 10 years.

At our office – 173 Scott St, Cairns – we also stock a range of products for off grid applications including batteries, regulators, inverter/chargers and battery monitors.

For your hot water needs we stock the Stiebel Eltron range which includes the energy efficient heat pump. Designed for Australian conditions it is an ideal option to operate with solar PV systems.