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Off Grid


NQ Solar is dedicated to providing personalised customer service and quality products at an affordable price.

Whether you need a simple set up for your weekend adventures, solar on your boat or caravan through to a full off grid system to run your home NQ Solar can tailor a system for you. Our director Rob Collins designs stand-alone systems based on your energy requirements.

Some of our Iconic stand alone power systems include projects at the Stamp House in Cape Tribulation where we installed a 23.5kW system with over 200kWh’s of Lithium Iron storage. At Double Island we installed a 50kW system with 160kWh’s of storage – that is 200 panels and 2 x 80kW 3 Phase Inverters. On Murray Island we installed 3 x 20kW stand alone systems.

We also sell a wide range of Victron Energy Products, 48Volt Battery Banks, 12V Batteries and 12V Panels.

If you require assistance or pricing on a an Off Grid Solar System please feel free to use our online chat service (Chat2), call us on 07 4041 1911 or e-mail us at admin@nqsolar.com.au