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What Products do you use?
At NQ Solar we use two main brands of panels – Sunpower panels and ET Solar panels. We have been installing both brands in Cairns for almost a decade. Sunpower panels are a premium brand panel with global headquarters in Silicon Valley, America. They have been in operation for nearly 35 years. More than 30 million Sunpower Panels have been installed since 1985. That’s the equivalent to removing about 11 million cars from the road. As a Tier 1 Manufacturer Sunpower offer a complete confidence panel warranty, with industry leading 25 year coverage. ET Solar panels are excellent quality and well suited to Australian conditions. They are a Chinese panel manufacture that was founded in 2005. They produce tier one solar panels with an above industry standard 15 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty.
The main inverter brand that we use is SMA. We are a SMA Power Up Partner which benefits our customers as you will receive an additional 5 year warranty on top of the standard 5 year warranty. We also supply and install ABB, Fronius and the budget friendly Growatt inverter.

What are the current Rebates for Installing Solar?
Government incentives are available to residential and commercial properties when installing solar power and hot water (including hot water heat pumps) through the Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) scheme. The number of certificates issued depends on the size, location and deeming period of the certificates. The certificates are a trading commodity and are traded on a market, hence fluctuate in value on a daily basis.
An example of how to calculate the discount is:
A 6.6kW Photovoltaic Grid-connect System installed in North Queensland From Jan 1st 2020.
(Total rated power output in kW x postcode zone rating x deeming period x multiplier of 1)
6.6 x 1.382 x 11 x 1 = 100.3332 STC’s.
6.6kW System Discount = (No. STC’s [always round down] x value of STC’s) = 100 STC’s x $30* = $3,000.00
TOTAL DISCOUNT = $3,000 off a 6.6kW Photovoltaic Grid-Connect Solar System
* Assuming STC market value = $30
PLEASE NOTE: On Jan 1st 2021 – the deeming period will reduce to 10 years therefore the calculation for a 6.6kW system will be:
6.6 x 1.382 x 10 x 1. The number of STCs will reduce to 91 for a 6.6kW system.

How much will Ergon buy my power back for?
The State Government Solar Bonus Scheme allows you to sell your excess solar power back to your electricity supplier. You will receive 7.842 cents for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity generated by your grid-connect system and exported to the grid. Please note: As your solar system generates power it will always go to your house needs first – it is only the excess that goes back onto the grid.

I am on the 44cent Feed in Tariff with Ergon, I want to expand the System……
You will lose eligibility for the 44 cent feed-in tariff if you:
·         move house (as this will result in a new electricity account holder for the premises)
·         sell or let your house (if this results in a new electricity account holder for the premises)
·         increase your inverter capacity (i.e. the size)
·         close your electricity account
·         are disconnected (e.g. because you fail to pay a bill or breach a contract)
·         add extra capacity (i.e. panels) which exceeds the rated capacity of your system’s inverter
·         use alternative energy sources, (e.g. other generators or batteries) when the system receiving the 44 cent feed-in tariff is operating (unless alternative sources have separate connections to the network)
·         transfer your electricity account into any other name (other than your spouse)
·         add any other name to your electricity account (other than your spouse)
·         replace your inverter with a larger inverter.
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Do You Offer Finance Options?
Yes, we are partnered with Brighte who offer the Brighte Green Loan.
Brighte offer low interest loans – A 7.99% p.a fixed interest rate available up to $30,000 for homeowners. You can choose to spread repayments over 2 to 7 years.
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